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Monoclonal Antibody Services
Monoclonal Antibodies
Monoclonal Antibody Development Service
Monoclonal Antibody Purification
Monoclonal Antibody Production

Monoclonal Antibodies

Please find additional information to the development of monoclonal antibodies including the steps needed and immunization protocols here: Monoclonal Antibody Development.
Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal Development

in vitro immunization

in vitro Immunizations

Production and Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies

Production & Purification

Monoclonal Information

Additional Information

Monoclonal Antibody Development

Development of monoclonal antibodies: Detailed Information

Davids Biotechnologie develops antibodies since more than 20 years. Our experience leads to flexible methods for our customers. You can start or stop the monoclonal antibody service with each step.
Our monoclonal antibody services include the immunization of 4 mice or 3 rats, the isolation of spleen cells, the fusion with myeloma cells and the screening for positive clones as well as the subcloning of the best clone. You receive protocols to follow the progress of the immunizations and the antibody development. You receive cell culture supernatants from the best clones for your own applications. You reveice the final antibody producing clones.

in vitro monoclonal antibody development

in vitro Monoclonal Antibody Development: Detailed Information

in vitro monoclonal antibody development can be time saving as no immunization from mice or rat is necessary. For this reason the in vitro development is superior for self-antigens and toxic antigens. The spleen cells are prepared with your antigen for the fusion. Afterwards the spleen cells are fused with the myeloma cells. This method is animal friendly and leads with some antigens to better results than the conservative method. This service includes all steps needed to receive the antibody producing clone:
  • in vitro incubation of the spleen cells with your antigen
  • Preparation of the spleen cells for fusion with myeloma scells
  • Screening for positive clones
  • 5-ml supernatant of the best clones for your own applications
  • You receive the best clones and all rights of the developed clones after payment

Production and Purification of monoclonal antibodies

Production and Purification of monoclonal antibodies: Detailed Information

We produce and purify your antibodies from your antibody producing clone or from a clone we developed for you.
Production from few mg up to several g are possible.

Additional Services

With our additional services we offer you to customize your monoclonal antibody projects to reveice the best antibody against your antigen.

Additional Services for monoclonal antibody projects
Cat.No. Description Amount Price
A057Additional TestBleedDepends on animalon demand
A705Additional ELISA raw datafrom 1 serum17 EUR
N101Spleen Cell Isolation1 Spleen172 EUR
N201PBMC Lymphocyte Isolation1 serum172 EUR
N301Bone Marrow Isolation1 animal215 EUR
N401Lymph Node Isolation1 animal172 EUR
M006Subclass Determination IgM/IgG1 Clone21 EUR
M008Storage of one cell line for one year1 Clone, 3 Vials69 EUR
M302Mycoplasm Test (PCR)1 Cell Culture103 EUR
-Sterile Filtration-on demand
-Development of ELISA Methods-on demand
-Immuno-Histo-Chemistry Analysis-on demand
-Increase the concentration of IgG-on demand
-Aliquoting of the product in sevaral vials-on demand

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