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Please contact us via email: info@davids-bio.com for questions or for the creation of offers. Antigens can be send to our address in Regensburg (see below)

About Davids

Davids Biotechnologie was founded 1996 in Regensburg, a world cultural heritage city in Germany. We offer all kind of custom made antibodies. Polyclonal antibodies in rabbits, chicken, mice, rats or guinea pigs. Monoclonal Antibody development in mice or rats. Any kind of customer provided or Davids made antigens are possible. We developed animal and ecologically friendly protocols to produce the antibodies. This leads to efficient methods and low prices. Furthermore Davids developed methods to produce antibodies within 28 days (SuperFast) or with a very low amount of antigen (LowDose).

Our purification methods are very well established and we offer Affinity, ProteinA, Depletion, Size-Exclusion, Ion-Exchange, IgM or any other purification that fits to your antibody project.

We offer different kind of antigen production services. Peptide antibodies, protein expression, SDS-extractions and more to generate your antigens for the antibody production.

Additionally we modify your antibodies like fragmentation, enzyme or dye conjugations. In our Shop you can buy antibodies, proteins, kits or buffers.


Davids Biotechnologie GmbH
Roentgenstrasse 3
D-93055 Regensburg

Tel.++49 (0)941 948228
Fax.++49 (0)941 9468119

Company Data
CEO: Dr. Michael Davids
Handelsregister Regensburg HRB9834
VAT ID No: DE243880297

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Davids Biotechnologie GmbHemail:info@davids-bio.com
Roentgenstrasse 3phone:+49-941-948228
93055 Regensburgfax:+49-941-9468119