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Antibody Information
Here you get information about our custom antibody service, our immunization protocols,

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Immunization Techniques

Immunization Protocols

You have the choice to use one of our optimized protocols for the antibody production or to use your own protocols. If you want to use our protocols you can choose between a 28-day SuperFast (Cat.A055 for one rabbit) and the standard immunization technique (Cat.A053 for one rabbit or Cat.A001 for one chicken).

Click on the pictures to have a look at the immunization protocols

Rabbit Immunization Protocol Chicken Immunization Protocol Mouse Immunization Protocol Guineapig Immunization Protocol

Titer & Number of immunizations

We perform ELISA Titer tests for nearly all custom antibody projects (except A055 SuperFast Protocol) usually after the third immunization and tell you when a good titer is established. As there is a chance that the titer will go down or that the titer is not increasing significantly after establishing a good titer, we suggest to collect the sera. Of course it is up to you if the immunizations continue.

Product Amount

What is included in the antibody services

With rabbit antisera (A053, A054, A055) you receive a pre-immune serum (taken before the first immunization) and a test serum (usually taken after the third immunization) if wanted. We perform ELISA titer tests (in the SuperFast offer A055 we only make the ELISA from the final bleed) and suggest you a schedule for antibody collection.
With the chicken egg yolk antibody services (A001, A002) you receive a pre-immune IgG fraction, purified with our PrepI method. We perform the ELISA titer test from the final product.
With the peptide synthesis services (P101, P102) you receive an aliquot of the unconjugated peptide. We conjugate as much peptide as needed for all immunizations.

Rabbit Antiserum

Usually you get approximately 40 - 90 ml serum from one rabbit. You can add intermediate bleeds (A058) to your order to get additional serum from one rabbit. In addition you can choose to immunize more than one rabbit (i.e. A054 for two rabbits). You can start the antibody production with one rabbit at Davids Biotechnologie, but you can even order a huge amount of rabbits. Please ask for your personal offer.

Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies

You get antibodies purified (PrepI) from 8 eggs for each A001. You can add Cat.A013 to your order for an additional boost, egg collection and purification (PrepI). The chicken lays approximately 5 eggs a week, so you can get a lot of antibodies from one hen. This also reduces the amount of antigen needed.

Affinity Purifications

The amount of antibodies you receive from an affinity purification depends on the titer and is usually between 0.5 - 10 mg total from one rabbit. In addition you receive approximately 13 ml backup antiserum from the rabbit. Of course it is up to you if we purify the backup serum as well. Please inform us in front of the purification when we are supposed to purify the whole antiserum.


Antigens that are suitable for antibody production

Nearly all kind of antigens can be used for the antibody production at Davids Biotechnologie. We used i. e. proteins, recombinant proteins, proteins from SDS-gels, (synthetic) peptides, cell preparations, small molecules, virus particles or DNA for the immunization. Please ask for more information if you're not sure if you can use your antigen.

Antigen requirements

We need approximately 0.2 - 0.6 mg protein, respectively 1 - 2 mg peptide for one animal. We even made a successful antibody production with less amounts of antigen.
Detailed Antigen Requirements

Antigen Production at Davids Biotechnologie

Especially when your antigen is hard to produce or to purify, or when you only know the sequence of a protein, we can synthesize peptides: Peptide Antibodies.
In addition we can express your proteins in E. coli.

Peptide Antibodies

Peptide Sequence

We help you with the choice, which peptide sequence to choose. Send us the protein sequence and we predict the best peptides for free.


In every case we wait for your confirmation. We start the synthesis as soon as you confirm one or more peptides for synthesis, conjugation and immunization..

More Information on peptide antibodies:

Peptide section

Shipping & Storage

Shipping of the antigens

The antigen is shipped by the customer. Usually proteins can be send solved in a physiological buffer (0.9% NaCl or PBS) with ice, ice packs or dry ice. Lyophilized proteins usually can be sent at room temperature.

Shipping of the products

Fig.1: Antibody Temperature Stability
Antibody Temperature Stability
Antisera are shipped with preservatives and ice packs. With preservatives the antisera are stable for more than one week at room temperature. So the shipping of antisera is no problem, even on hot days. We made experiments with antibodies incubated between -80°C and 65°C. These antibodies were stable until 45°C for up to 9 days (see figure 1).

Storage of antibodies

The antisera can be stored at 4°C for weeks. If you want to freeze them please ensure that the antibodies tolerate the freezing/thawing process. Use a small aliquot of the antibody, freeze it for one week and measure the activity afterwards. Only freeze the antibodies when the acitivity remains. In every case you have to avoid freezing/thawing cycles. Make some aliquots, so you only have to thaw one aliquot when you want to use them.

Storage of Peptides

The peptides should be stored at -20°C under exclusion of light and moisture.

Sodium Azide

Sodium Azide is a preservative to prevent bacterial growth in the antisera. You can add sodium azide to your antibody fraction to enhance the storage life. Try to avoid adding preservatives when you want to use the antibodies in cell culture assays or similar applications. You can easily remove sodium azide by dialysis. Please tell us before shipping, when you don't want preservatives in your samples.

Order Process & Time Schedule

Easy Order

We keep the order process as simple as it can be. Use one of the following ways to state your order:
  • Send us your antigen with an order form: Antibody Order Form
  • Contact us via email or phone to get your individual offer, suggestions and help
  • Send us your protein sequence. We analyze the sequence and suggest you some peptide sequences, that are useful for antibody production. After a confirmation from you we start the synthesis and the immunizations.


In mind with animals as biological material we can not guarantee the time scales indicated as standards, but we can give you a good hint when you can expect the final antibodies:
  • Peptide Synthesis: 3 - 4 weeks
  • Rabbit Antiserum: 63 days + shipping
  • SuperFast Rabbit Antiserum: 28 days + shipping
  • Egg Yolk Antibody Production: 5 - 8 weeks
  • Affinity Purification: 1 week
  • Depletion: 1 week

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