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Antibody Information Here you find our recent newsletter with special offers, discounts and antibody information.

Year by Year

  • 2016

    Best Student Award

    Best student Award 2016 Our student Katrin Schmidbauer achieved the award from the IHK as best student of the year.

    Picture: Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der IHK Regensburg, © altrofoto

    Information Issue III / IV

    Information Issue

    Antibody Information Issue III and IV are available. This time we get a closer look on SDS-gel pieces for the use as antigen and phosphospecific antibodies.

  • 2015

    Information Issue I / II

    Information Issue

    Antibody Information Issue I and II are available. This time we introduce our information issues for our customers to receive detailed information on antibody production services. Starting with peptide antibodies and going on with affinity purifications.

  • 2014

    Current Special Offers

    Nature Ad

    We offer you stock antibodies recognizing ovalbumin and MRSA. In addition ovalbumin is sold individually for many usage in cell culture or antibody development.

    Information Section

    Our information section is open for all customers to receive information of antigens, our products, antibody production and antibodies in general.

    Low Dose Antigen


    We offer our special immunization technique with low antigen amounts of less than 0.2 mg for the broad range of customers. The service begins with 50 µg antigen.

  • 2013

    Building of the third lab

    The third lab was build for increased antibody production, research & development and quality control.

  • 2012

    Best Student Award

    IHK Award Our student Julia Ganslmayer achieved the award from the IHK as best student of the year.

    Picture: Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der IHK Regensburg, © altrofoto

  • 2006

    Frequent Internships

    Davids offers internships for pupils, students and apprentices since 2006. We frequently have internships from elite universities from france.

  • 2005

    Expansion of the second lab

    The lab build in 2001 was expanded to fit our increased personal and to expand our research and development department.

    Guinea pig Antibodies

    Guinea pig Antibodies

    Polyclonal Guinea Pig Antibodies available in large amounts. We optimized our 63-day protocol for guinea pigs within the last years. This leads to high quality custom guineapig antibodies.

  • 2001

    Opening of the second lab

    Davids Biotechnologie build its own labs in Regensburg. The picture shows the opening of the second lab.

  • 1997

    First Laboratory

    Davids Biotechnologie expanded fast and the first lab was established 1997 in Regensburg.


    Davids Homepage www.davids-bio.de, formerly dabio.de was created. The homepage developed fast within the years. Here are some examples, how Davids looked previously:

  • 1996

    First Ad in Nature

    First News in form of post cards from Davids appeared 1996 in Nature. The post cards were followed by Davids Biotechnologie News, a letter with special offers and news around the biotechnology and Davids.

    Logo Development

    The logo from Davids Biotechnologie was developed by Dr. Michael Davids. The logo represents chicken egg yolk antibodies as a good animal-friendly alternative to other methods. The logo further shows lab vials and reagents to connect the raw antibodies from chicken with purified ready-to-use in lab antibodies.

    Founding of Davids Biotechnologie

    Davids Biotechnologie is founded in Regensburg, a world heritage city. Davids Biotechnologie started in a garage to produce custom chicken egg yolk antibodies. Dr. Michael Davids introduces innovative methods and knowledge for the egg yolk purification to Davids Biotechnologie.

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