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You can order or receive an offer via email: info@davids-bio.com. You can use our order form or write the article number in your email.

Custom Antibodies

Custom antibodies are made for individual for each customer. Animals are immunized with a customer provided antigen. If you are looking for our Custom Antibodies from your own antigen you will find them here:
Polyclonal Antibodies
Monoclonal Antibodies

Stock Antibodies

Stock antibodies are frequently ordered monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies from mice, rats, chicken, rabbits or guineapigs. The antibodies are usually purified with affinity purification or with ProteinA. Most of the antibodies are in stock. Please ask for your delivery time when you order these antibodies.

Anti OvalbuminAnti-OvalbuminMonoclonal Mouse Antibody500 µg240 €Details
Anti MRSAAnti-PBP2a (MRSA)Monoclonal Mouse Antibody200 µg195 €Details
Anti MRSAAnti-PBP2a (MRSA)Polyclonal Chicken Egg Yolk200 µg195 €Details
Anti IgYAnti-IgY/IgGMonoclonal Antibody1.0 mg144 €Details
IgY BeadsAnti-IgY-Beads175 €Details

Ovalbumin Products

Our ovalbumin products are derived from self-produced ovalbumin from white egg proteins. The ovalbumin is purified in multiple steps to ensure high quality. Please note that the delivery time is up to 7 days when the product is freshly conjugated.

Stock AntibodyOvalbumin FITC10 mg240 €Details
Stock AntibodyOvalbumin10 mg144 €Details
Stock AntibodyOvalbumin100 mg345 €Details

Order Information

When you want to get an offer of the products, please write us an email: info@davids-bio.com or use our Product Offer form.

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