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Your Custom Antibodies
Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production directly from the manufacturer with high standards and animal friendly-methods since 1996. All services from the antigen design and antigen production to the immunization and purification of your antibodies from antisera and cell culture supernatants.
polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal Antibodies

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Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibody Production

Antibody Production

Antigen Production

Antigen   Production  

Custom antibody production services since 1996 directly from the manufacturer

Davids Biotechnologie was founded 1996 in Regensburg, a World Heritage city in Germany. We offer all kinds of custom antibody services: Polyclonal antibodies from rabbits, chicken, mice, rats or guinea pigs. In addition we develop your monoclonal antibodies from mice or rats. We produce your antibodies from any antigen provided by our customers or from an antigen produced by us. The antigens include proteins, peptides, cells, virus particles, SDS gel pieces, toxins and other molecules. Your antibodies are produced with our well established, animal and environmental friendly methods by qualified professionals in our laboratory. Our efficient antibody production is reflected in the price and customer satisfaction. The variety of antigens and requirements of our customers require customized protocols. Our established methods for antibody production include rapid antibody generation within only 28 days (SuperFast), immunizations with a very low amount of antigen (LowDose) and custom protocols.

Combined with our established purification methods, you get the antibodies that fit to your applications. In addition to the antigen-specific affinity purification, we offer a purification of the total antibody fraction (protein A). Disturbing antibodies that recognize a tag or unwanted peptide or protein variants are removed with our depletion columns. With our "polishing steps" by size exclusion or ion exchange chromatography we produce your antibodies in highest purity.
In addition to the purification of polyclonal antibodies from serum or chicken egg yolk, we also offer the purification of monoclonal antibodies. Our refined purification method for cell culture supernatants allows the purification of IgG, IgM and other subclasses. We offer the entire service from the hybridoma cell to the purified antibody.

Let us produce your antigens: synthesis of peptides, protein expression, SDS extractions from gel pieces, preparation of cells and virus particles, conjugation of your antigen. You will receive a comprehensive range of antigen production and preparation for immunizations.

With our offer for the modification of antibodies we complete our antibody production services. Fragmentation, enzyme, protein, or dye conjugation to the antibodies or to the antigen will give you a wide range of options for using our antibodies. In our shop you can order antibodies, proteins, kits or buffers.

Production and preparation of your antigen for the immunizations: peptides, cells, virus particles, bacteria, SDS-gel pieces, small molecules.
Immunization of rabbits, chicken, mice, rats or guinea pigs with your antigen.
Antigen-specific affinity purification, ProteinA purifications and depletions.
Antibody Modification: fragmentation, conjugation to dyes, enzymes or proteins.

Antibody Information - Issue IV

Phospho-Specific Antibodies

Phosphorylation of proteins can play an important role in the recognition of protein activity or in their stability. Phospho-Antibodies can thus recognize the status of phosphorylation sites. Our all-complete phospho-specific antibody service for rabbit, chicken, mice, rats or guinea pigs include every step needed for your phosphospecific antibodies:

  • Synthesis and conjugation of your phospho-peptide
  • Synthesis of the non-phosphopeptide for depletion
  • Immunization of the animal of choice
  • Affinity Purification with the phospho-peptide
  • Depletion with the non-phosphopeptide to remove non-specific antibodies
  • You receive Phosphospecific Antibodies, Aliquot of the non-phosphopeptide, aliquot of the phosphopeptide, preimmune and a protocol

Phosphospecific Antibody Production Scheme

Former Issues

Peptide Antibodies

This time we focus peptide antibodies: We are able to produce antibodies against proteins you only know the sequence from. There is no need for protein production or purification. We help you to find peptides that represent your protein (see info box). These peptides have to be antigenic, soluble and must have good epitopes. For a higher chance to use the best peptide you can immunize one animal with two different peptides. This doubles your chance to use the best peptide for your applications.
The synthesized peptides are conjugated to a carrier molecule like KLH to improve the antigen presentation of the small peptides. The synthesis, conjugation and/or the immunizations can be performed by Davids.

We can produce peptide antibodies from rabbits, chicken, mice or other animals. Just send us your protein sequence (amino-acid one letter code prefered) and we analyze the sequence for free and handle your data confidentially. An order is only placed when you confirm one or more peptides. For further information go to our peptide section: Peptide Antibodies

Click here for the Peptide Antibody Scheme

Affinity Purification

Affinity Purification is a chromatography, which is used to seperate molecules in a solution. The molecule of interest (i. e. antibodies) make a specific interaction to the affinity matrix (i. e. antigen covalently bound to the affinity matrix). All non-specific molecules (i. e. antibodies that do not bind the antigen) cannot bind the affinity matrix and are washed. The molecule of interest is eluted afterwards. Besides the purification of antibodies affinity purification can be used for enzyme-substrate or receptor-ligand interaction.
Affinity purified antibodies have large advantages in many applications. Usually you can use higher concentrated antibodies in your applications like IHC, WesternBlot or DotBlots with reduced background.
The first step of the affinity purification is the creation of the affinity matrix. For each antibody a specific matrix is produced. The matrix material is incubated with the antigen under special conditions. Under these conditions covalent bindings are formed between the matrix and the antigen. In the next step the matrix is used to purify the antisera or the PrepI from chicken egg yolk. The specific antibodies (red in the figure) bind the antigen (orange in the figure) covalently bound to the matrix. The unspecific antibodies (blue in the figure) are washed and the specific antibodies can be eluted afterwards.
For more information on our purifications you can go to our Purification section.

Click here for the Purification Scheme

SDS-Gel Extraction

We are able to use your protein specific SDS-PAGE gel bands as antigen. The advantage is that you save time with complicated purification steps. In addition you are able to get rid of even small protein contaminations.
The gel extraction is simple. Prepare a solution with at least 0.5 mg protein for the immunization of one rabbit for example and additional 0.5 mg protein if you want to order an affinity purification. Just run multiple bands with your protein solution, dye the gel with coomassie and cut all bands that belongs to your protein from the SDS-PAGE gel. Send the gel pieces in a 2-ml or 15-ml tube at room temperature without the addition of any solvents to Davids Biotechnologie GmbH, Röntgenstrasse 3, 93055 Regensburg, Germany.
The final antibodies are usually very good for applications like western blot and all other fields where you need to detect the denaturated protein. Even though for some applications where you need to detect the protein in its native form the immunization of the native protein has advantages.

Gel Extraction Scheme

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