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For the manufacturing of your polyclonal rabbit antibodies, we select New Zealand white rabbits. It is the most often chosen species for the production of custom polyclonal antibodies and antisera. The benefits include a large quantity of high-titer and high-affinity antibodies from antisera at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, rabbits are easy to handle, and subsequent serum samples are simple to prepare and cost effective. When compared to mice, rats, or guinea pigs, the ultimate amount of antiserum is very good. Davids provides every stage of the process, from antigen synthesis/preparation to your finalized antibody. We assist you in determining which antigen is most suited to your project and what type of purification is required.

Antigen Preparation

Antigen Requirements

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Immunization Schedules

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Antibody Purification

Available Purifications

Antigen specific & ProteinA antiserum purification

Additional Services

Additional Services

Isolation of cells from organs from your immunized animals


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Antigen Requirements

A variety of antigens can be used to generate polyclonal rabbit antibodies (Table 1). When accessible, pure (native) protein is generally the first choice for antibody production. Purified proteins can be sent to Davids at -20°C or -80°C using cold packs or dry ice. As soon as your antigen arrives, we begin with the vaccinations. You can utilize our SDS-gel extraction service for difficult-to-purify proteins. In this case, you load your protein onto various bands of an SDS-gel and then cut the specific gel bands from the gel. Send the gel pieces to Davids at room temperature.

When an expression plasmid is available but there is insufficient time or equipment for expression and purification, you can use our protein expression service in E. coli or use peptides that represent your protein. For proteins, that are difficult to express or proteins you only know the sequence from, we recommend to synthesize peptides that represent your protein. Prior to vaccination, these peptides are conjugated to a carrier such as KLH or BSA to increase antigenicity.

Immunization of complete cells (bacteria, fungus, and other eukaryotic cells) need a preparation to enhance the cells' presentation to the immune system. Please utilize Davids Cell Preparation KIT to increase cell surface presentation to the immune system. Liposomes or cationic detergents are used to prepare DNA as an antigen. Small compounds, like as drugs, toxins, or haptens, must be specially prepared for immunization. However, if you have another antigen or if your antigen does not meet the standards in Table 1, please contact us with our contact form: Antibody Creator. Click on the selected antigen in the table for further details.

Antigens for Rabbit Antibody Production. Amount is for the immunization of one rabbit.
Antigen Amount Instructions Shipping
ProteinProtein0.5 - 1 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
Proteins supplied by customer-20°C (ice packs) to -80°C (dry-ice) or lyophilized
Expression in E. coliProtein Expression-Davids expression serviceMaintain the expression plasmid at -20°C
SDS-GelProtein (SDS-Gel)0.5 - 1 mg
3 - 8 gel bands
Protein Extraction from SDS-gel pieces. Cut the protein specific gel bands from the gel.Without addition of solutions at room temperature
PeptidePeptides1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
Customer provided peptides or Peptide synthesis and Conjugation Service by Davids.Lyophilized or with ice packs
CellCells106 - 107 cfu / immunizationPreparation with Davids Cell Immunization KIT for optimal presentation of the surface to the immune system.Please contact us when you want to send cells
DNADNA1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
DNA preparation by Davids.At room temperature or with ice packs
Conjugation of Small MoleculesSmall Molecules1 - 10 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
Preparation of small molecules by DavidsPlease contact us when you want to send small molecules
For Affinity Purification we need additional 0.5 - 2 mg protein, 3 mg peptide or 108 cfu

Immunization Schedules

Comparison of titer development after immunization Each antigen profits from a well-planned vaccination program. You benefit from our experience when you use Davids established immunization schedules. We can follow your personalized immunization program in addition to our well-established ones. Five immunizations are included in our 63-day Protocol. After the third (day 35), we take a test bleed and determine the ELISA titer. You can obtain an aliquot of the test bleed along with the ELISA titer determination results. After day 63, you will either receive the antiserum or we will proceed with the antiserum purification. The 63-day strategy is ideal for unknown antigens in order to produce the greatest titers in the shortest amount of time.
Davids begins with the immunizations as soon as the antigen arrives in our lab, which is usually the same day. Table 2 lists our most popular polyclonal rabbit antibody services.

Immunization Protocols
SuperFast Well-Established LowDose Phospho-Specific
Cat.NoA055 (1 rabbit)A053 (1 rabbit)
A054 (2 rabbits)
A056 (1 rabbit)A060 (1 rabbit)
A061 (2 rabbits)
Fast RabbitTwo RabbitsSmall Amount of AntigenPhospho Antibody
Schedule ProlongationNot PossiblePossibleNot PossiblePossible
Immunizations453 - 55
Test Bleed-day 35day 35day 35
Antiserum Amount40 - 90 ml40 - 90 ml40 - 90 ml-
Purification Options
PurificationPrecipitation (R001)
Affinity Purification (R007)
ProteinA (R008)
Precipitation (R001)
Affinity Purification (R007)
ProteinA (R008)
Precipitation (R001)
ProteinA (R008)
Affinity Purification included
Depletion included
Antigen Requirements
Suitable AntigensProtein
Protein (SDS-Gel)
Small Molecules
Protein (SDS-Gel)
Small Molecules
Protein (SDS-Gel)
Small Molecules
Phospho Peptide
Antigen Needed0.5 mg Protein0.5 mg Protein < 0.5 mg Protein10 mg Peptide (we can synthesize it)
Antigen Concentration0.2 - 2 mg/ml0.2 - 2 mg/ml0.1 - 2 mg/ml1 - 10 mg/ml
Antigen BufferNon toxic bufferNon toxic bufferNon toxic bufferNon toxic buffer
PricePrice ListPrice ListPrice ListPrice List
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Our Immunization Schedules have been thoroughly established and optimized for the majority of our clients. We can follow your vaccination protocol or adapt ours with more intermediate bleeds, extended and additional immunizations, and ELISA titer determinations.

Comparison of Immunization Schedules
Day 63 Day Antisera
1Preimmune serum, 1 ml
11. Immunization
142. Immunization
283. Immunization
  • Test serum, 0.5 ml
  • ELISA-Titer determination
  • Optional: Test serum for the customer
424. Immunization
565. Immunization
63Antiserum, 40 - 90 ml
Get your offer to extend animal housing and the number of immunizations.
Day 28 Day SuperFast Antisera
1Preimmune serum, 1 ml
11. Immunization
72. Immunization
143. Immunization
214. Immunization
28Anti serum: 40 - 90 ml
Day Custom Protocol
XPreimmune serum, 1 ml
ZIntermediate Bleed
AAntiserum: 40 - 90 ml

Rabbit Antiserum Purification

The exceptional purification services provided by Davids for your polyclonal rabbit antibodies result in high quality and pure antibodies. The most popular option is affinity purification, which we suggest for many applications such as WesternBlot or IHC to obtain specific antibodies that identify just your antigen. This service is available for proteins, peptides, and other antigens. In addition, we provide ProteinA purifications to get a pure IgG fraction, as well as depletions to remove undesired antibodies that detect tags, amino acid changes, or E. coli proteins.

Purification options for polyclonal rabbit antibodies
Affinity Purification ProteinA Cell Culture Purity Depletion
Cat.NoR007 (1 antiserum)
R007-2 (2 antisera)
R008 (1 antiserum)R003 (1 antiserum)R101 (anti-tag)
R102 (anti-E. coli)
Antigen Specific Antibodies:

Antigen Specific Affinity Purification Scheme
Whole IgG Fraction:

ProteinA Purification Scheme
Antigen Specific Antibodies:

Affinity Purification Scheme
Anti-tag Antibody Removal:

Antibody Depletion Scheme
Tag: Protein Tag Antigen Specific Antibody: Specific Antibody Unspecific Antibody: Unspecific Antibody Tag Antibody: Tag Antibody Antigen: Antigen
Duration5 days5 days5 - 10 days1 - 5 days
Product Information
ColumnAntigen bound to resinProteinA bound to resinAntigen bound to resintag/E. coli bound to resin
ProductSpecific AntibodiesWhole IgG FractionSpecific Antibodies
Low Endotoxin
Fraction without unwanted Antibodies
Amount (approximately)0.5 - 10 mg100 - 200 mg (from 30 ml Antiserum)0.1 - 10 mgDepends on Depleted Fraction
Optimal forWesternBlot
Immuno-Histo-Chemistry (IHC)
Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
Immuno-Histo-Chemistry (IHC)
in vivo Applications
Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
Depends on Depleted Fraction
PricePrice ListPrice ListPrice ListPrice List
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Additional Services

To verify if a preimmune reaction occurs prior to vaccination, Davids recommends utilizing ELISA to discover which rabbit has the lowest reactivity with your antigen. This is helpful when trying to lower cross-reactivity. Here, we may immunize a rabbit that has just a minor immunological response to your antigen. Davids can collect extra small (0.5 ml) or big (15 ml) bleeds throughout the vaccination plan for ELISA determinations or for your applications.

Additional Services for Polyclonal Rabbit Antibodies
Cat.No. Description Amount Catalog Price
A057Additional Small Bleed0.5 - 1 mlorder form
A058Additional Large Bleed15 mlorder form
A059Additional Immunization1 Immunizationorder form
A070Preimmune Selection for the immunization of 1 Rabbit3 Preimmuneorder form
A705ELISA Raw Data incl. graphFrom 1 Bleedorder form
A706Animal Housing1 day, 1 rabbitorder form
N101Spleen Cell Isolation1 spleenorder form
N201PBMC Lymphocyte Isolation1 antiserumorder form
N301Bone Marrow Cell Isolation1 rabbitorder form
N401Lymph Node Cell Isolation1 rabbitorder form

Order Process

Davids keeps the ordering procedure as easy as possible. Please send your antigen to:

Davids Biotechnologie GmbH
Roentgenstrasse 3
93055 Regensburg

Immunizations usually begin on the same day as the antigen arrives. Please submit the following information to assist us correlate your antigen with your order and accelerate the process:

  1. Your Antigen
  2. Concentration & Buffer Conditions of your Antigen
  3. Our Offer, our order form or your official PO
  4. VAT number (only EU customers, not required for German customers)

Get your quote now with our Antibody Creator. When you prefer to order peptide antibodies, send us your protein sequence and we will recommend peptides that represent your protein. For further information, please visit: Peptide Antibodies