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Antibody Production from Proteins

When proteins are accessible, they are frequently used as antigens in their natural or denaturated forms. Since the protein has several epitopes, the immunogenicity is generally strong. Furthermore, when you use the whole antigen for immunization, the accessibility of the final antibodies in your applications is usually quite high.
Any purity can be used for vaccination. Though there is a good likelihood that antibodies will be produced against the impurities. When your purity is poor, consider running an SDS-gel and sending us the antigen specific gel bands as antigen. When anti-tag antibodies interfere with your assays, we can do a depletion on tagged proteins to remove anti-tag antibodies.

Whole Protein

Whole protein

Customer provided native and denaturated proteins directly for the immunization.

SDS Protein

Proteins from SDS-gels

We extract your proteins for immunization from SDS-gel pieces.

Peptide Conjugation

Peptide antibodies

When your protein is not available we can synthesize peptides that represent your protein.

Additional Information

Additional information

Learn more about tagged and small proteins.


Order process

Whole Protein

Send your whole protein or small protein parts to Davids Biotechnologie GmbH, Roentgenstrasse 3, 93055 Regensburg, Germany. Davids begins with the vaccinations as soon as your antigen arrives. Kindly check our buffer requirements before sending the antigen. Please read our extra information on tagged antigens.
Proteins are typically sent using ice packs, lyophilized, or on dry ice.

Rabbit Antigen Recommendations Rabbit Chicken Antigen Recommendations Chicken Mouse Antigen Recommendations Mouse Rat Antigen Recommendations Rat Guinea Pig Antigen Recommendations Guinea Pig
For Immunizations (1 animal)0.5 - 1 mg0.5 - 1 mg100 - 250 µg100 - 250 µg200 - 500 µg
For Affinity Matrix0.5 - 2 mg0.5 - 2 mg0.5 - 2 mg0.5 - 2 mg0.5 - 2 mg
Recommended Concentration0.3 - 2 mg/ml0.3 - 2 mg/ml0.3 - 2 mg/ml0.3 - 2 mg/ml0.3 - 2 mg/ml
BufferAny physiological non-toxic buffer like 1 x PBS or 0.9% NaCl. For more information: buffer recommendations

Proteins from SDS-gel


Gel pieces from SDS-gels are simple to use and have various advantages. You save time with avoiding extensive purification steps. Furthermore, even minor protein contaminations may be removed.
The gel extraction is simple. For example: if you wish to order the immunization of one rabbit and the antigen specific affinity purification of the antiserum, prepare a solution with at least 1 mg protein. Simply run several bands with your protein solution, color the gel with coomassie, and cut all bands from the SDS-PAGE gel that correspond to your protein. Send the gel pieces in a 2-ml or 15-ml tube at room temperature without the addition of any solvents to Davids Biotechnologie GmbH, Roentgenstrasse 3, 93055 Regensburg, Germany.
The resulting antibodies are generally extremely good for applications such as western blot and other applications where the denaturated protein must be detected. Even while vaccination of the natural protein provides advantages in some situations where the protein must be detected in its native form.

Affinity Purification Scheme

Strategies when the protein is not available

You can utilize our peptide synthesis service if your protein is not accessible. The peptide represents the full length protein in Peptide Antibodies. Davids assists you in identifying peptides with high expected antigenicity, solubility, and epitopes.
When the expression plasmid is available, you may obtain the full length protein by expressing your protein for antibody generation. Simply make use of our expression service. If you have other antigens, please see our antigen overview or send us an email with your personal suggestions:

Additional Information

tagged proteins

Antibody Tag When proteins with a tag is used for immunization this leads to an antibody fraction that recognize both the protein and the tag. There are several methods for removing anti-tag antibodies that cause interference in your experiments. With Davids tag-depletion chromatography (depletion service Cat.No.R101) anti-tag-antibodies are removed.
When an antigen specific affinity purification is ordered, the anti-tag antibodies can be removed when a protein without a tag or another tag is used for the affinity purification. For example, for vaccination, we utilize an HIS-tagged protein and for affinity purification, we use a non-tagged or STREP-tagged protein.

Small proteins

Small Proteins We propose doing a conjugation with your protein if it is less than 10 kDa. The protein conjugation stimulates the animals' immune system response to the greatest extent possible. Please visit our conjugation services for more details.

Purity needed for antibody production

Purify Proteins We make antibodies from antigens of various purity. Please bear in mind that antibodies against all impurities are also produced. We offer our SDS-gel extraction service or a subsequent affinity purification with pure protein to acquire particular antibodies even with less pure proteins.

Order Process

Davids keeps the ordering procedure as easy as possible. Please send your antigen to:

Davids Biotechnologie GmbH
Roentgenstrasse 3
93055 Regensburg

Immunizations usually begin on the same day as the antigen arrives. Please submit the following information to assist us correlate your antigen with your order and accelerate the process:

  1. Your Antigen
  2. Concentration & Buffer Conditions of your Antigen
  3. Our Offer, our order form or your official PO
  4. VAT number (only EU Customers, not German Customers)

If you prefer to order peptide antibodies, send us your protein sequence and we will recommend peptides that represent your protein. For further information, please visit: Peptide Antibodies