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Protein Expression
Protein Expression
Antigen Overview
Custom Antibody Production Overview

Protein Expression for your Custom Antibody Production

Recombinant expression of your protein in E. coli is used to receive enough protein for the production of antibodies. As an alternative to protein expression in E. coli you can use peptides that represent your protein. Just send us your protein sequence and we suggest you peptides for the antibody production. For more information go to our Peptide Page.

DNA Synthesis & Vector Generation

Expression Evaluation

Protein Expression Evaluation


Expression & Purification


Order Process

DNA Synthesis and Subcloning

Cat.No.E111: DNA Synthesis
Cat.No.E112: Subcloning

DNA Synthesis We synthesize your DNA and optimize the codon for the expression in E. coli. We insert restriction sites to subclone the synthesized DNA in a vector. The DNA is subcloned in an expression vector. Here we usually use an IPTG induceable plasmid with ampicillin or kanamycin resistance and a tag for easy purification.

Protein Expression Evaluation

Cat.No.E113: Expression Evaluation

Protein Expression To express your protein in the best way possible we perform an expression evaluation. The plasmid is transformed in different E. coli strains (two strains are included). The inductor concentration, the expression time and the expression temperature is varied.

This is only needed, when no expression protocol is available. When you provide us with an the expression plasmid and an expression protocol this step is not needed.

Protein Expression & Purification

Cat.No.E100: Protein Expression in E. coli

Large Proten Expression We perform the protein expression of your protein in E. coli after the protocol established in the Expression Evaluation or after a customer provided protocol. The expression is for the antibody production only. We can not guarantee that the final protein/enzyme stays active during the purification process.

Order Process

You can get your offer for protein expression here: info@davids-bio.com. Every expression project is different and to give you the best service I recommend to write us your special needs.

To fasten up the process and help us to give you the best service possible ensure you provide the following information:

  1. If available: Expression Plasmid, Expression Protocol, Plasmid information (Sequence, Origin, Antibiotic Resistance, Inductor/Promotor, tag)
  2. Sequence from your gene
  3. Known Information of your antigen: Solubility, Toxicity
  4. Our Offer or your official PO
  5. VAT number (only EU Customers, not German Customers)

As an alternative to protein expression you can use peptides that represent your protein. If you want to order peptide antibodies just send us your protein sequence and we suggest you peptides that represent your protein. For more information: Peptide Antibodies

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