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Modifications of Antibodies

Antigen Preparation

Antibody Conjugation

Conjugation of your antibody to enzymes and dyes.


Antigen Conjugation

Conjugation of your antigen to carriers for better immune response.

Antibody Fragmentation

Antibody Fragmentation

F(ab) and F(ab)2 fragmentation of your antibodies.

Antibody Preparation

Order Process

Antibody Conjugation

Antibody conjugations adapted to your specific requirements. The modifications are available for antibodies that you provide us and that Davids creates for you. Table 1 summarizes the most common modifications for antibodies. If you require different antibody conjugations, please contact us at

Available Antigen Conjugations
Dye Conjugation Enzyme Conjugation Protein Conjugation Liposome Introduction
Antibody Conjugation to FITCAntibody Conjugation to FITCProtein as AntigenLiposome Introcuction of Proteins
Cat.No.P801 (FITC)
P802 (RhodaminB)
P804 (AP)
P805 (HRP)
P803 (Biotin)P808
Available forIgY, IgG, IgMIgY, IgG, IgMIgY, IgG, IgMProteins
AmountUp to 5 mgUp to 2 mg (P804)
Up to 5 mg (P805)
Up to 5 mg
Conjugation withFITC
More on request
Alkaline Phosphatase
Horse Radish Peroxidase
More on request
More on request
Inclusion in liposomes
PricePrice ListPrice ListPrice ListPrice on demand
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Antigen Conjugation

Antigen conjugation can improve immune response, particularly for antigens with low antigenicity. Small antigens, such as peptides, haptenes, or medicines, can become larger by forming multimers, resulting in a stronger immune response in the majority of situations. For proteins less than 15 kDa, that will be used for immunizations, we propose conjugation to a carrier such as KLH, BSA, Ovalbumin, or Thyroglobulin. Furthermore, a modification for hazardous antigens may be required to minimize toxicity prior to vaccination. Please see our Antigen Page for further information on antigen requirements, or our Peptide Antibody Page for peptide conjugations.


Available Antigen Conjugations
F(ab)-Fragmentation F(ab)2-Fragmentation F(ab)2-Fragmentation Chicken
Fragmentation of AntibodiesFragmentation of AntibodiesFragmentation of Antibodies
Available forIgGIgGIgY
Amount1 - 10 mg IgG1 - 10 mg IgG1 - 10 mg IgY
Fragmentation (approx.)55 kDa F(ab)110 kDa F(ab)2110 kDa F(ab)2
PricePrice ListPrice ListPrice List
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Order Process

Simply ask for the desired modification by email for antibodies and antigens made by Davids. We recommend contacting us before modifying antibodies or antigens from your own lab because each alteration is unique. You can email your material to be modified to:

Davids Biotechnologie GmbH
Roentgenstrasse 3
93055 Regensburg

  1. Your Material for Modification
  2. Concentration & Buffer Conditions of your material
  3. Our Offer, our order form or your official PO
  4. VAT number (only EU customers, not required by German customers)

If you want to order one of our antibody services visit our Antibody Services Overview.