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Davids (Davids Biotechnologie GmbH) was founded 1996 in Regensburg, a World Heritage city in Germany. Davids offers all kinds of custom antibody services: Polyclonal antibodies from rabbits, chicken, mice, rats or guinea pigs. In addition we develop your monoclonal antibodies from mice or rats. We produce your antibodies from any antigen provided by our customers or from an antigen produced by us. The antigens include proteins, peptides, cells, virus particles, SDS gel pieces, toxins and other molecules. Your antibodies are produced with our well established, animal and environmental friendly methods by qualified professionals in our laboratory. Our efficient antibody production is reflected in the price and customer satisfaction. The variety of antigens and requirements of our customers require customized protocols. Our established methods for antibody production include rapid antibody generation within only 28 days (SuperFast), immunizations with a very low amount of antigen (LowDose) and custom protocols.