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Antigen Preparation and Synthesis

Almost any antigen may be used to generate antibodies. Polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies are typically produced using proteins, peptides, SDS-Gel fragments, DNA, cells, virus particles, or small molecules such as toxins, haptens, or drugs.

Preparation of Antigens

Some antigens require pretreatment before vaccination, particularly when their antigenicity is low. Many strategies, such as conjugation, liposome introduction, or the use of Davids Cell Preparation KIT, are recommended for improving antigens for vaccinations. The recommended preparation of your antigens is shown in Table #1. The suggested buffers for the antigens are shown in Table #2. If you have any queries about your antigens, please contact us at

Antigen Selection

Antigen Selection

Antigen Details

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Buffer Requirements

Additional Information

Additional Information

Antigen Selection - What Antigen is the best for my Application

Production of antibodies with your antigen. We start with the immunizations as soon as your customer provided antigen arrives or as soon as the production of your antigen finishes.

  1. The protein is available
    When you have purified protein available, the native protein can be used as antigen. The SDS-Gel Extraction service can be used for proteins that are difficult to purify or when the purified protein displays many bands in an SDS-gel. We extract your protein from the SDS-gel pieces for immunization once you cut your specified protein band from the gel.
  2. Protein not available
    You can utilize our peptide antibody service when you just know the sequence of your protein. We're aiming for peptides that represent your protein. The antigenicity, solubility, and epitopes of the peptides are identified by our scientists with the help of our own prediction algorithm. This service covers pre-order peptide prediction, synthesis and conjugation.
  3. More Antigens for Antibody Generation
    We also provide vaccination using antigens such as DNA, Cells, Virus Particles, Toxins, or Small Molecules. Please take a closer look at how these antigens are handled, as each antigen requires its own preparation.


Please take a look at the table to discover which antigens are appropriate for rabbit, chicken, mouse, rat, and guinea pig vaccinations. Furthermore, certain antigens require preparation to improve antigenicity or immune system presentation.

Antigens for Antibody Production.
Antigen Instructions Information
ProteinProteinWe use your protein for the immunizationWe start the immunizations immediately after your protein arrives
Protein ExpressionProtein ExpressionWe produce your antigenExpression of your plasmid for the antibody production
SDS-PAGE GelProtein (SDS-Gel)Cut the gel bands from your protein out of the gelSave expensive and time consuming purification steps
PeptidesPeptidesWe can synthesize and conjugate your peptides or use your onesLet us produce your peptide or send us your peptide for the conjugation and immunization
CellsCellsUse our cell immunization kit to prepare for immunizationsSend us your cells prepared with our cell immunization KIT
DNADNAWe prepare your DNA for the immunizationsSend us your DNA and we prepare it for direct immunization
ConjugationSmall MoleculesWe prepare your small molecules for the immunizationPlease contact us when you want to send small molecules

Buffer Requirements

You may use any non-toxic buffer you prefer. Please consult the table of substance concentrations to determine which buffers are appropriate for vaccinations. The maximum concentrations in the table are for antigens at 1 mg/ml concentration.

The buffer can contain the following ingredients. Examples for buffer contents.
Buffer Conditions Maximum Concentration
Urea2 M
NaCl200 mM
Imidazole200 mM
Dithiothreitol (DTT)2 mM
Citrate or Acetate100 mM
TRIS100 mM

The buffer should not contain the following substances. Please let us know, when the buffer contains the followin substances.
Triton X-100

Additional Information

As part of our quality control for our antibody services, we perform ELISA titer determinations. The ELISA values may differ from the true titer when using proteins isolated from SDS-gel or cells as antigen. Without adapting for the individual cell line, not every cell binds to ELISA plates. The same applies equally for SDS-coated denaturated proteins. If you have any more questions, please contact us.