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Chicken Antibody Production

Egg Yolk and Chicken Serum

Chicken antibodies have a very high yield. Eggs are used to isolate all antibodies. Over time, a large number of antibodies can be generated since the amount of antibodies from 10 eggs is equivalent to the amount of antibodies from one rabbit. This reduces the amount of required antigen and is particularly animal friendly because a single chicken may create 42000 mg antibodies in a year. Thus, chicken antibodies are an excellent substitute for sheep and goat antibodies, especially when a significant quantity of antibodies is required.

Over the period of a year, one chicken's antibody production can replace up to 20 rabbits, 4 goats, or 4 sheep. Davids egg yolk antibodies are all ready to use. Davids PrepI preparation from egg yolk is equivalent to raw mammalian sera. Additional purifications are available to meet your specific requirements. All of the benefits of Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies may be found here.

If you want to learn more about chicken egg yolk antibodies or if you want to take advantage of a special offer for a big quantity of antibodies, please send us an email: or use our Antibody Creator to make your individual quote.

Antigen Preparation

Antigen Requirements

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Antibody Purification

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Additional Services

Additional Services

Isolation of cells from spleen or bone marrow and RNA isolation


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Antigen Requirements

The quantity of antigen required for chicken antibodies is very small in comparison to the amount of antibodies that can be obtained. The table below contains our antigen recommendations for the development of chicken egg yolk antibodies. However, antibody production can often be done with less antigen. In this situation, please request this service from us. Please contact us if you require any further information or if you have an antigen that does not appear in the table.

Antigens for Chicken Antibody Production. Amount is for the immunization of one chicken.
Antigen Amount Instructions Shipping
ProteinProtein0.5 - 1 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
Customer provided proteins-20°C (ice packs) to -80°C (dry-ice) or lyophilized
Expression in E. coliProtein Expression-Expression Service by DavidsSend us your protein sequence
SDS-gelProtein (SDS-Gel)0.5 - 1 mg
3 - 8 gel bands
Protein Extraction from SDS-gel pieces. Cut the protein specific gel bands from the gel.Without addition of solutions at room temperature
PeptidePeptides1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
Customer provided peptides or Peptide synthesis and Conjugation Service by Davids.Lyophilized or with ice packs
CellCells106 - 107 cfu / immunizationPreparation with Davids Cell Immunization KIT for optimal presentation of the surface to the immune system.Please contact us when you want to send cells
DNADNA1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
DNA preparation by Davids.At room temperature or with ice packs
Conjugation of Small MoleculesSmall Molecules1 - 10 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
Preparation of small molecules by DavidsPlease contact us when you want to send small molecules
For Affinity Purification we need additional >0.5 mg protein, 3 mg peptide or 108 cfu


The immunization process begins as soon as your antigen arrives. Four immunizations are given before the eggs are collected and the antibodies are prepared. After receiving the initial wave of antibodies, the chicken is maintained alive for two weeks (up to day 77). During this period, you may determine if you need more antibodies or whether you wish to finish the project. When enough antigen is available, a fifth vaccination is performed to obtain the titer. Additional immunizations, egg harvests, and antibody preparations are all feasible over time.

Chickens will occasionally postpone egg laying for a short time period. In this instance, the antibody preparation is prolonged for a brief time. We reduce this probability by selecting healthy hens that are already laying eggs. The purification section contains an overview of our chicken egg yolk antibody services: Egg Yolk Purification.

Immunization Schedule for Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies
Day 63 Day Protocol
1Preimmune Egg Yolk IgG/IgY, approx. 90% pure
11. Immunization
142. Immunization
283. Immunization
354. Immunization
45-55Collection of the eggs
56Optional: 5. Immunization
63Preparation of Eggs
77Project Elongation or Termination
Production of antibodies from up to 200 egg yolks per year.

Chicken Antibody Purification

All of our service packages feature ready-to-use chicken antibodies. PrepI antibodies are equivalent to raw mammalian serum and are provided in packages A001/A002. Purification using PrepII or ProteinL (included in A003) yields a pure total IgY fraction. This fraction may be preferable in a variety of situations.

Antigen specific affinity purifications are available for PrepI preparations. Simply add affinity purification to your purchase. We suggest low endotoxin, high specificity, and sterile filtered antibodies for usage in cell cultures (PrepIII). Send us an email at if you have any questions or recommendations.

Purification Options for Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies
PrepI PrepII PrepIII Affinity Purification
Cat.NoA001 (incl. 1 hen)
A002 (incl. 2 hens)
A003 (incl. 1 hen)
Chicken Antibody ProductionAntibody Purification ColumnCell Culture FlasksAntibody Purification Columns
Duration5 days5 days5 - 10 days1 - 5 days
Product Information
ProcedurePreparationChromatographyAntigen bound to resinAntigen bound to resin
Comparable withRaw SerumProteinAPrepIIIAffinity Purification
ProductWhole IgY fraction in bufferHigh purity, whole IgY fractionSpecific Antibodies
Low Endotoxin
Antigen Specific Antibodies
Purity70 - 90%90 - 98%
Amount (approx.)10 eggs corresponds to 100 ml Serum10 eggs corresponds to 100 ml Serum0.1 - 10 mg (10 eggs)0.5 - 10 mg (10 eggs)
Optimal forELISAImmuno-Histo-Chemistry (IHC)
in vivo Cell Culture Applications
Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
Immuno-Histo-Chemistry (IHC)
Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
PricePrice ListPrice ListPrice ListPrice List
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Additional Services

Other immunization schedules and extra services are available for your antibody project. The chicken continues to produce eggs after the initial batch of egg yolk antibodies, and we may prepare additional antibody batches from the same animal on demand. Furthermore, the isolation of lymphocytes from spleen, bone marrow and other organs as well as the isolation of RNA and DNA is available.

Additional Services for Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies
Cat.No. Description Amount Catalog Price
A012Additional Immunization, Housing for 30 days, Collection and PrepI10 eggsPrice List
R003Additional Immunization, Housing for 30 days, Collection and PrepII10 eggsPrice List
A705ELISA Raw Data incl. graphFrom 1 PreparationPrice List
Final Bleed (Antiserum)1 chickenPrice List
N101Spleen Cell Isolation1 chickenPrice List
N301Bone Marrow Cell Isolation1 chickenPrice List
T901RNA Isolation from Cells (1 x 10^8)1 organPrice List
P075.010anti-egg IgG matrix for immunoprecipitation1 mlPrice List

Advantage of Egg Yolk Antibodies

The table compares the benefits of chicken egg yolk antibodies with mammalian serum antibodies. Considering IgG is a serum filtrate, it is identical to IgY. The antibodies can be utilized in the same way as mammalian sera.

Chicken Egg Yolk Advantages
Advantage Aspect Solution
No binding at ProteinA/ProteinGLess backgroundNo ProteinA or ProteinG purificationOur special purification methods (PrepI, PrepII) turn to equal or better antibodies
No activation of complement factorsLess background-
No binding to Fc of antibodiesLess background-
No binding to rheumatoid factor--
Lipids/Lipoproteins-Reduced activityPurification like PrepI, PrepII or PrepIII to remove the lipids and lipoproteins
Yield of IgGapprox. 50 - 100 mg/egg results in 1 - 2 g per month-

Order Process

The ordering procedure is straightforward. Send the antigen for immunization to:

Davids Biotechnologie GmbH
Roentgenstrasse 3
93055 Regensburg

The immunizations usually start at the same day when the antigen arrives in our lab. Provide the following information to fasten up the start and help us to connect your antigen with your order

  1. Your Antigen
  2. Concentration & Buffer Conditions of your Antigen
  3. Our Offer, our order form or your official PO
  4. VAT number (only EU customers, not required for German customers)

You can generate your own quote with our Antibody Creator. When you prefer to order peptide antibodies, send us your protein sequence and we will recommend peptides that represent your protein. For further information, please visit: Peptide Antibodies