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Custom Antibodies From Chicken Egg Yolk

The yield of chicken antibodies is very high. All antibodies are isolated from the eggs and thus a huge amount of antibodies can be obtained over time. This saves antigen and is very animal friendly as one chicken is able to produce 42000 mg antibodies in one year. Thus chicken antibodies are a very good alternative to sheep, goats or when you need a large amount of antibodies.
The antibody production from one chicken over one year can replace up to 20 rabbits, 4 goats or 4 sheep. All egg yolk antibodies ordered from Davids Biotechnologie are prepared and ready to use. You will receive our PrepI from the egg yolk, which is comparable to raw sera from mammals. Additional purifications are available for your special needs. You find all advantages of Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies here.

If you want to learn more about chicken egg yolk antibodies or when you are interested in a special offer for a large amount of antibodies just write us an email: info@davids-bio.com.
Antigen Preparation

Antigen Requirements


Immunization Schedules

Antibody Purification

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Additional Services


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Antigen Requirements

The antigen amount needed for chicken antibodies is very low compared to the amount of antibodies we receive. The table below shows our recommendations of antigens we need for the production of chicken egg yolk antibodies. Though we were able to produce antibodies with less antigen. In this case please ask us for this service.

Antigens for Chicken Antibody Production
Antigen Amount Instructions Shipping
Protein0.2 - 0.6 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
We use your protein for the immunization-20°C (ice packs) to -80°C (dry-ice) or lyophilized
Protein Expression-We produce your antigenYou can ship your expression plasmid at -20°C
Protein (SDS-Gel)0.2 - 0.6 mg
3 - 8 gel bands
Cut the gel bands from your protein out of the gel Without addition of liquids at room temperature
Peptides1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
We can synthesize and conjugate your peptides or use your onesLyophilized or with ice packs
Cells106 cfu / immunizationUse our cell immunization kit to prepare for immunizationsPlease contact us when you want to send cells
DNA1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
We prepare your DNA for the immunizationsAt room temperature or with ice packs
Small Molecules1 - 5 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
We prepare your small molecules for the immunizationPlease contact us when you want to send small molecules
For Affinity Purification we need additional > 0.5 mg protein, 3 mg peptide or 108 cfu
If you need further information or if you have another antigen that does not fit in the table please contact us.


We start the immunizations as soon as your antigen arrives. We perform three immunizations before we start with the collection of the eggs and the preparation of the antibodies. After you received the first batch of prepared antibodies we keep the chicken one months. Within this time you can decide whether you need additional antibodies or if you want to finish the project. A fourth immunization is performed to obtain the titer, when we have enough antigen available. Additional immunizations, egg collections and antibody preparations are possible over a long period of time.
From time to time chicken delay the laying of eggs over a small period of time. In this case the antibody preparation is delayed for a short period of time. We minimize this risk by selecting chicken that are healthy and currently lay eggs.
An Overview of our chicken egg yolk antibody services can be found on the purification section.

Immunization Schedule for Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies
Day 35 Day Immunization Protocol
1Preimmune Egg Yolk IgG/IgY, approx. 90% pure
11. Immunization
142. Immunization
283. Immunization
354. Immunization
45-55Collection of the eggs
63Preparation of Eggs
Production of antibodies from up to 200 egg yolks per year.

Chicken Antibody Purification

You have the option to order our chicken egg yolk antibody services including the purification: A001 (8 eggs from 1 chicken included) and A002 (2 x 8 eggs from 2 chicken included) with our PrepI purification. A003 (8 eggs from 1 chicken included) with our PrepII purification. Have a look at the table below to compare the egg yolk preparations. Furthermore you are able to "upgrade" the purification from our A001 and A002 products with additional purifications like PrepII (R003), PrepIII (R006) or affinity purifications (R017). For further information or suggestions write us an email: info@davids-bio.com.

Purification Options for Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies
PrepI PrepII PrepIII Affinity Purification
Cat.NoA001 (incl. 1 hen)
A002 (incl. 2 hens)
A003 (incl. 1 hen)
Duration5 days5 days5 - 10 days1 - 5 days
Product Information
ProcedurePreparationChromatographyAntigen bound to resinAntigen bound to resin
Comparable withRaw SerumProteinAPrepIIIAffinity Purification
ProductRaw Antibodies in bufferHigh purity, raw antibodiesSpecific Antibodies
Low Endotoxin
Specific Antibodies
Purity70 - 90%90 - 98%
Amount (approx.)8 eggs corresponds to 100 ml Serum8 eggs corresponds to 100 ml Serum0.1 - 10 mg (8 eggs)0.5 - 10 mg (8 eggs)
Optimal forELISAImmuno-Histo-Chemistry (IHC)
in vivo Applications
Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
Immuno-Histo-Chemistry (IHC)
Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
PricePrice ListPrice ListPrice ListPrice List
Get your offer with special prices now

Additional Services

We are able to alter the immunization schedule for your special needs or add additional purification steps to your chicken egg yolk preparation. In addition we are able to send you the bursa fabricii or bone marrow from your chicken for your research.

Additional Services for Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies
Cat.No. Description Amount Catalog Price
A012Additional Immunization, Housing for 30 days, Collection and PrepI8 eggs150 EUR
R003Additional Immunization, Housing for 30 days, Collection and PrepII8 eggs189 EUR
A705ELISA Raw Data incl. graphFrom 1 Preparation17 EUR
N101Spleen Cell Isolation1 chicken172 EUR
N301Bone Marrow Cell Isolation1 chicken215 EUR
P075.010anti-egg IgG matrix for immunoprecipitation1 ml168 EUR

Advantage of Egg Yolk Antibodies

The table compares the advantages and disadvantages of Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies from birds compared to Serum Antibodies from mammalians. IgG are identical to IgY as it is a filtrate of the serum. The antibodies can be used like sera from mammals.

Chicken Egg Yolk Advantages
Advantage Disadvantage Solution
No binding at ProteinA/ProteinGLess backgroundNo ProteinA or ProteinG purificationOur special purification methods (PrepI, PrepII) turn to equal or better antibodies
No activation of complement factorsLess background-
No binding to Fc of antibodiesLess background-
No binding to rheumatoid factor--
Lipids/Lipoproteins-Reduced activityPurification like PrepI, PrepII or PrepIII to remove the lipids and lipoproteins
Yield of IgGapprox. 50 - 100 mg/egg results in 1 - 2 g per month-

Order Process

We keep the order process very simple. You can send us your antigen to:

Davids Biotechnologie GmbH
Roentgenstrasse 3
93055 Regensburg

The immunizations usually start the same day the antigen arrives. To fasten up the immunization process and help us to connect your antigen with your order ensure you provide the following information:

  1. Your Antigen
  2. Concentration & Buffer Conditions of your Antigen
  3. Our Offer, our order form or your official PO
  4. VAT number (only EU Customers, not German Customers)

If you want to order peptide antibodies just send us your protein sequence and we suggest you peptides that represent your protein. For more information: Peptide Antibodies

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