Anti PBP2a monoclonal antibodies (mouse)

Cat.No. [10.0101.02]: 200 µg

egg yolkThe monoclonal antibody from the clone PBR-40 was established in mice. The subclass is IgG1. The final antibody is purified with ProteinA. The antibody detects 5000 lysed activated MRSA bacteria in direct ELISA if alkaline Phosphatase and p NPP as substrate is used. In Western Blot 10 ng PBP2a can be detected if alkaline phosphatase is used with BCIP/NBT as substrate.

Detailed Information
Type of ProductMonoclonal Antibody
Quantity0.2 mg
AntigenPBP2a (mecA) from S. aureus
Host AnimalMouse
SubclassIgG 1
MSDSAnti-Pbp2a monoclonal antibody (mouse) MSDS


Figure 1: Western Blot: MRSA Pbp2a detection with PBR-40 monoclonal antibody
MRSA Pbp2a Western Blot

The Anti-Pbp 2a antibody is purified and can be used in ELISA, WesternBlot, Immunohistochemistry (IHC) or DotBlot. The antibody detects the purified Pbp2a (mecA) protein in WesternBlot with 20 pg (see fig. 1).

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