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Anti-IgY Monoclonal Antibodies

Anti-IgY Beads

Cat.No. [10.0075.05]: 1 mg

egg yolkAnti-IgY beads bind to egg yolk antibodies. Using these beads will make Immunoprecipitation (IP) and Co-Immunoprecipitation (CO-IP) also possible with egg yolk antibodies.

Detailed Information

  • Use our anti-IgY beads for immune precipitation or direct immune precipitation.
  • IP is used to for antigen detection and purification
  • Davids Anti-IgY-Beads are needed to perform Immunoprecipitation with IgY from egg yolk. IgY do not bind to ProteinA

Application: Immunoprecipitation

  1. The antibody binds his specific antigen in a mixture of different antigens
  2. An immuno complex is formed between the antigen and the antibody
  3. The immuno complex is precipitated to an antibody binding protein such as ProteinA, ProteinG or Davids Biotechnologie Anti-IgY-Beads
  4. Washing of the non-precipitated antigens
  5. Elution of the specific antigens

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