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FITC conjugated Ovalbumin

Ovalbumin from chicken egg white

Cat.No. [50.0001.10]: 10 mg
Cat.No. [50.0001.100]: 100 mg

egg yolkOvalbumin is produced from chicken egg white. It can be used for proliferation assays in cell cultures, for aerosolization and as a carrier protein. The product has low endotoxin units.

Detailed Information
ProteinOvalbumin from chicken egg white
Colorwhite - yellow
Purity>95% (Size-Exclusion-Chromatography & SDS-PAGE)
Endotoxin< 1EU/mg tested with 1 mg/ml solution in endotoxin free water
SolubilityWater: >20 mg/ml


  • Ovalbumin can be used as blocking solution in WesternBlots or IHC.
  • Ovalbumin can be used as a protein standard in SDS-PAGE to determine the molecular mass
  • Ovalbumin can be used in cell assays to enhance the stability of enzymes

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